Rev. Malcom Davis
Senior Pastor, Cental College Presbyterian Church

Bill’s gifting is not only in helping leaders to understand the necessity and potential of creating a discipleship culture in the local church, it is a life coach – discipling leaders to greater faithfulness and fruitfulness in their calling as Christ followers. With Bill’s partnership, I am experiencing renewed passion for the work of the…

Stephen Gambill
Lead Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church of Nashville

I came to know Bill and his books at a difficult and crucial time in the life of our church. The Lord brought him into my life when I was in a bit of personal ministerial crisis as well as looking for direction in creating a discipleship culture. Bill and I connected at two levels….

Randy McCooeye
Senior Pastor, Bilberry Baptist Church, Orleans, Ontario

After over twenty-plus years of pastoral ministry, I realized I was missing a piece of the ministry puzzle — making disciples. Working with Bill Mowry has helped us rearrange and put in order the puzzle pieces for a disciplemaking church. Bill came alongside us and helped us understand the need for and gave us the…

Chris Houts, MD

I had never heard of a LifeCoach until about a decade ago when in a conversation with Bill he wisely prescribed a LifeCoach (himself) for me. I’m quite grateful for Bill’s skillful mentoring and encouragement impacting my life at a significant crossroads. His coaching helped give direction that clarified my life version and my God-given contribution. I’m…

Brent Miller
Lead Pastor, Linworth Baptist Church, Worthington, OH

In a Christian culture where disciplemaking has been relegated to professionals, Bill Mowry has revealed from Scriptures that making disciples is something every follower of Jesus can do and should do! Bill is not only an author but a practitioner I have observed firsthand in the context of our local church. I invite you to…

Matt Reynolds
President, Spirit and Truth Ministries

After seeing the dead end of church life driven by constant programming and new gimmicks, I believe American Christians are beginning to rediscover the beautiful simplicity of Jesus’ method of disciplemaking. Walk With Me is a practical guide for this journey. With decades of hands-on experience, Bill Mowry offers practical advice and helpful stories about learning how…

Patti Damiani
Woman’s Leader and Speaker, Relational Wisdom Coach

As an experienced disciplemaker, this book provides both clarity and simplicity to a process that can easily become complex and intimidating. Bill Mowry does well in unpacking the simple relational dynamics that make a disciplemaking relationship so transformational. If you are looking to grow as a disciplemaker, this is one of the best books available…

Doug Nuenke
U.S. President of The Navigators

Bill Mowry writes with winsome clarity about a subject that is near to the heart of God and invites us into the ways of Jesus Christ. No other topic reflects more fully the life and purposes of Jesus than His focus on helping everyday people walk with God and reflect His character. Bill makes it…

Cedric Brown
Regional Leader, Navigator Church Ministries

I first used The Ways of the Alongsider ten years ago.  I started out with two leaders who have since grown into the ministry. Both men have told me that The Ways of the Alongsider gave them a vision to make disciples who make disciples.  By far it is the best on the market for…

Joe Valentino
Campus Pastor, Upper Arlington Lutheran Church; Lytham Road Campus

How does a church change its culture to a place where disciplemaking is a way of life? Bill Mowry’s book “The Ways of the Alongsider” is helping us do this. The Ways of the Alongsider maps out an intentional guide for disciplemaking. The book teaches such simple tools as building authentic relationships, helping others love…