Houses don’t appear out of nowhere… and neither do disciples.

(Disciplemaking foundation #2)

By Bill Mowry February 1, 2023

Houses don’t appear out of nowhere. There’s no magic wand that makes them materialize. Nearly a hundred years ago, you could order a home from a Sears catalogue, have it delivered to your site, and built in a few days. Today, you can buy modular homes that can be assembled within hours. However, no matter how fast the home can be built, there’s always a plan, a foundation, and deliberate action to make the house happen. A house may go up fast but the process…

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The Broken Record of Relationships

(Disciplemaking foundation #1)

By Bill Mowry January 20, 2023

I’m a vinyl record enthusiast. Nestled on my office bookshelf is a vintage stereo system. This isn’t a five-channel surround-sound extravaganza; it’s just two speakers, a turntable, and a splendid Yamaha 1970s receiver. I love the sound of vinyl but there is a downside. Sometimes a needle gets stuck on a scratch, playing the same note over-and-over again. That’s why when people repeat the same thing over-and-over, we refer to them as “a broken record.” My writing on relational disciplemaking can feel like a broken…

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There’s Always Room for a Singles’ Hitter

By Bill Mowry January 5, 2023

I can hear my wife Peggy saying, “Not another sports’ analogy!” Bear with me even if you’re tired of one more sports comparison to life and ministry.  Have you noticed that our compliments often include sports’ analogies? We evaluate a message or workshop by saying “That was a home run.” or “You hit it out of the park!” It would be embarrassing if someone said “You struck out!” Close to striking out is thinking that I only “hit a single.” Singles, in baseball and life,…

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Timely Disciplemaking

By Bill Mowry December 1, 2022

I’m slightly obsessed with time. There’s a clock in every room of our house. This includes a grandfather clock and three mantle clocks. In my study, I have a “bird” clock with bird calls marking the hour. I have a Beatles clock over my window. Hanging above the closest door is a Nashville skyline clock made out of a Hank Williams’ record. Not only am I time conscious during work days but I carefully plot out my schedule for my days off. Peggy keeps reminding…

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An Obvious Act of Disciplemaking

By Bill Mowry November 17, 2022

The obvious happened to Derrick recently. “At a recent leaders’ retreat, eight of us sat around a circle expressing how much we appreciated each other’s contribution to our group. Men wept, laughed and affirmed one another.” “Most of us had never experienced a group of people giving us positive and specific affirmation for our lives. What was scheduled for an hour became two hours. I walked away grateful, affirmed, and energized. We need to do this more often.” Derrick experienced the obvious — encouragement is…

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How Disciplemaking
Becomes Political

By Bill Mowry November 3, 2022

Want to ignite a discussion in a church gathering? Show up with a MAGA hat or a Biden bumper sticker and watch people take sides! We live in polarizing times and the up-coming mid-term elections are capturing the divisions in our society and in our churches. While the New Testament is largely silent on politics, there’s one passage that steers an alternative strategy to our current debates. It’s a passage that all of us are called to obey irregardless of our political affiliation. To grasp…

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The Three Dumbest Questions I’ve Asked in Disciplemaking

By Bill Mowry October 27, 2022

I walked into my teacher training class my junior year of college expecting tools for teaching social studies. You know what I received that first day? One question after another. My professor was not interested in content or lecturing but in asking questions. He called it the “inquiry” model of teaching. His purpose was to engage us in thinking and asking, not in sitting and listening. That class launched me on a lifetime of asking questions, helping people discover truth for themselves. Asking questions is…

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Everyday Action Heroes

By Bill Mowry October 13, 2022

We need new heroes  — everyday leaders whose examples inspire us. These everyday leaders are like you and me. They don’t have a title, a large personality, or outstanding abilities. They’re everyday people with three simple qualities; qualities that everyday Christians can aspire to. Everyday leaders take initiative in the local — they’re emotionally invested in where they live, work, play, or worship. They take action to make the local better. These new heroes display Jesus, valuing character over competency. Finally, they give direction —…

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The New Heroes

By Bill Mowry September 29, 2022

4 Practices to Release Everyday Leaders Please indulge my imagination. I’m writing to imagine a new future . . . a future with new heroes — everyday leaders who take initiative, display Jesus, and provide direction. Heroes are the people we admire for their life example or good deeds. They’re the people we set on a pedestal, who we name our children after, the people we aspire to be like. In our church culture, and our broader culture, we’re championing a certain type of hero…

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From the Farm to the Church

By Bill Mowry September 8, 2022

3 Ways to Practice Organic Disciplemaking I love a thick, green lawn. For several years, I used off-the-shelf fertilizers and weed inhibiters to create the golf course look. Unfortunately, they didn’t give the results I wanted. So I hired a lawn care service . . . and then the pollinators happened. My wife Peggy is a Certified Master Gardener. This means she loves all plants and has received a certification to care, nourish, and grow about anything under the sun. I was pleased with my…

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