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"I’m writing not to give solutions but to help you wisely craft your own solutions.”

Our world is rapidly changing. Leaders struggle to find solutions for local challenges. We need wisdom, not quick fixes.

One-size-fits-all leadership doesn’t work well in our diverse world. Leadership expert Bill Mowry provides a personal blueprint to equip local leaders to gather and apply wisdom in collaborative and innovative ways.

Instead of giving solutions, The Ways of the Leader will help you to wisely craft your own solutions to local challenges by applying four leadership practices.

• The way of Learning. How to extract wisdom from everyday life.
• The Way of Collaboration. How to capture the wisdom of people working together.
• The way of Cultural Wisdom. How to understand the local cultural context to wisely connect and influence.
• The Way of Innovation. How to wisely create new and innovative strategies for local challenges.

The Ways of the Leader is a must-have resource that will help you bring people together and break new ground to meet today’s leadership challenges.

What are people saying?

Bill understands the cultural landscape for leaders in a fast paced, unpredictable, and every-changing environment.

The practical guidance and foundational principles in this book are essential for building communities with great impact and effectiveness in today’s world.

Marvin Campbell, US President of The Navigators

The Ways of the Leader is an insightful look at the current need for new leaders in a time of rapid sociocultural change.

This isn’t the typical book on leadership that tells you how to become a megastar. Bill describes leadership as the application of the principles of godly wisdom. This isn’t a how-to book but a tool kit that will assist you to be the leader that God has designed you to be where he has placed you.

J. Rupert Morgan, PhD, Resident Missiologist at ABWE International

This new book of Bill’s is so practical, full of hope and rich with examples.

Biblical and relevant principles are supported with a plethora of tools and applications that can make the way of wisdom a reality for the everyday disciple as well as a leader. The entire book is very helpful, but I especially love the last chapter on the choices leaders face, so pertinent to our culture and time – it’ a gem!

Margaret Fitzwater, Navigators National Leadership; Executive Director Train-Develop-Care.

Typically, resources on leadership are about achieving better performance, effectiveness, and outcomes.

But this book is refreshingly different: It focuses on what the leader must become to wisely impact the cultures they serve. This is the kind of leader that doesn’t crash and burn.

Bill Mowry’s writing is insightful yet easy to understand. He brings clarity and practicality to the question of how to lead from ordinary life assignments for extraordinary influence and impact. Bill’s writing style draws the reader in — inviting him or her to walk the pathway that leads to a relationally wise, emotionally intelligent, and spiritually astute leader.

Patti Damiani, Relational Wisdom Ministry Consultant

This book is the cure for “quick fix” formulas! And it couldn't be any timelier.

Prescriptions won’t work in the polarizing time we are in. A seasoned leader like Bill Mowry knows that there is only one way through the chaos of our time. It’s not a solution from an expert in another context. You will need to grow the deeper ways of wisdom that can help you navigate the uncharted terrain of your particular time and place. I highly recommend you get your people together and take a very deep dive into The Ways of the Leader.

Paul Sparks, co-author of the award-winning book The New Parish: How Neighborhood Churches Are Transforming Mission, Discipleship and Community