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Walk With Me

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What if there was an approach to disciplemaking that did not require an expensive curriculum, a paid professional, or a state-of-the-art website? What if there was a process integrated to life, even life in our busy, multi-tasking world

Disciplemaking can be as simple as inviting people to walk with me as I walk with Jesus. I’m inviting you to learn and practice a disciplemaking lifestyle that is a walk between friends. This walk practices some simple principles that make disciplemaking accessible to anyone who loves God and desires to help others follow Jesus.

Walk With Me will help you learn how to help others follow Jesus in ways that are heart-to-heart, simple, slow, deep, and on mission.

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Bill Mowry was recently featured on the Gospel for Life podcast with Darryl Dash. Take a moment to listen in to hear more about the ideas found in Walk with Me.

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What are people saying about
Walk With Me?

Doug Nuenke
U.S. President of The Navigators

Bill Mowry writes with winsome clarity about a subject that is near to the heart of God and invites us into the ways of Jesus Christ. No other topic reflects more fully the life and purposes of Jesus than His focus on helping everyday people walk with God and reflect His character. Bill makes it doable for all of us, people in busy lives and in a culture that tries to pull us away from meaning and relationship.

Brent Miller
Lead Pastor, Linworth Baptist Church, Worthington, OH

In a Christian culture where disciplemaking has been relegated to professionals, Bill Mowry has revealed from Scriptures that making disciples is something every follower of Jesus can do and should do! Bill is not only an author but a practitioner I have observed firsthand in the context of our local church. I invite you to walk with him on the journey of learning your role in making disciples.

Matt Reynolds
President, Spirit and Truth Ministries

After seeing the dead end of church life driven by constant programming and new gimmicks, I believe American Christians are beginning to rediscover the beautiful simplicity of Jesus’ method of disciplemaking. Walk With Me is a practical guide for this journey. With decades of hands-on experience, Bill Mowry offers practical advice and helpful stories about learning how to make disciples in everyday life. Whether you’re a church leader looking to lead culture change, or a churchgoer who is ready to get in the game and make disciples, this book is for you!

Patti Damiani
Woman’s Leader and Speaker, Relational Wisdom Coach

As an experienced disciplemaker, this book provides both clarity and simplicity to a process that can easily become complex and intimidating. Bill Mowry does well in unpacking the simple relational dynamics that make a disciplemaking relationship so transformational. If you are looking to grow as a disciplemaker, this is one of the best books available to make it achievable.

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Walk With Me

Disciplemaking should not be reserved for ministry professionals or a select spiritual few. It should be practiced by everyday believers in the everyday routines where we live, work, or play. Whether you’re a church leader looking to build a disciplemaking culture or a beginner ready to get in the game of the Great Commission, Walk with Me is for you.

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