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Disciplemaking for Everyday Believers


I write to encourage and equip everyday Christians to make disciples and live on mission where they live, work, or play.


I help churches and ministries build disciplemaking cultures that moves disciplemaking from the margins to the mainstream.


I come alongside everyday leaders helping them live fruitful and faithful lives through a life and ministry plan.


Bill Mowry

Author • Teacher • Coach

The alongsider world is Jesus’s world, a place where disciples are developed in relational, intentional, and biblical ways. The alongsider world is wherever everyday Christians live, work, play, or worship.

In the alongsider world, everyday Christians walk next to friends helping them do a few simple lifestyle practices -- focus on Jesus, engage with the Scriptures, encourage accountability, application, affirmation, and live on mission.

I’m Bill Mowry and I’m a practitioner in the alongsider world. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my wife Peggy and our dog Ginger. We serve with The Navigators Church ministries, helping churches around the world multiply disciples through disciplemaking cultures. My contribution to Jesus’s alongsider world is through writing, teaching, and coaching.

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A Wrong Disciplemaking Assumption and 3 Ways to Overcome it

It was “deja vu all over again.” I had the same conversation on two successive days with two different pastors on two different continents! Both pastors were making the same assumption and I could predict the outcome of their actions. What was the assumption? They assumed that if you provided the right instruction (on disciplemaking) you would get the…


Let’s Go Gray! 5 Ways Seniors Move Ministry Forward

Covid changed Peggys and my television viewing habits. I’m not sure why or how it happened but we’re now fans of HGTV, the Food Channel, and almost anything British on the Acorn channel. We’re drawn to the British detective shows. One show was a favorite until they featured a murder in an elderly residence home….


Six Dance Steps for Teaching and Discipling Adults

Television runs on the tracks of trends. One current trend is a variation of the ballroom dance. We love to watch minor celebrities, athletes, or politicians learn the intricacies of ballroom dancing. A fundamental rule of ballroom dancing is that someone must lead. Teaching is like ballroom dancing where the teacher leads, and the learner…

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