Welcome to the Alongsider World

Disciplemaking for Everyday Believers


I write to encourage and equip everyday Christians to make disciples and live on mission where they live, work, or play.


I help churches and ministries build disciplemaking cultures that moves disciplemaking from the margins to the mainstream.


I come alongside everyday leaders helping them live fruitful and faithful lives through a life and ministry plan.


Bill Mowry

Author • Teacher • Coach

The alongsider world is Jesus’s world, a place where disciples are developed in relational, intentional, and biblical ways. The alongsider world is wherever everyday Christians live, work, play, or worship.

In the alongsider world, everyday Christians walk next to friends helping them do a few simple lifestyle practices -- focus on Jesus, engage with the Scriptures, encourage accountability, application, affirmation, and live on mission.

I’m Bill Mowry and I’m a practitioner in the alongsider world. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my wife Peggy and our dog Ginger. We serve with The Navigators Church ministries, helping churches around the world multiply disciples through disciplemaking cultures. My contribution to Jesus’s alongsider world is through writing, teaching, and coaching.

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Timely Disciplemaking

I’m slightly obsessed with time. There’s a clock in every room of our house. This includes a grandfather clock and three mantle clocks. In my study, I have a “bird” clock with bird calls marking the hour. I have a Beatles clock over my window. Hanging above the closest door is a Nashville skyline clock…


An Obvious Act of Disciplemaking

The obvious happened to Derrick recently. “At a recent leaders’ retreat, eight of us sat around a circle expressing how much we appreciated each other’s contribution to our group. Men wept, laughed and affirmed one another.” “Most of us had never experienced a group of people giving us positive and specific affirmation for our lives….


How Disciplemaking
Becomes Political

Want to ignite a discussion in a church gathering? Show up with a MAGA hat or a Biden bumper sticker and watch people take sides! We live in polarizing times and the up-coming mid-term elections are capturing the divisions in our society and in our churches. While the New Testament is largely silent on politics,…

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Walk with Me

Disciplemaking should not be reserved for ministry professionals or a select spiritual few. It should be practiced by everyday believers in the everyday routines where we live, work, or play. Whether you’re a church leader looking to build a disciplemaking culture or a beginner ready to get in the game of the Great Commission, Walk with Me is for you.