Fred Blackman

Business Owner and Church Leader

As an elder in my church and small business owner trying to manage a multitude of challenges, I prayerfully enlisted Bill’s help to coach me through the changes and challenges that I face as a leader.

Bill has helped me not only with the day-to-day challenges of staying connected to Christ in a busy schedule but has helped me develop the vision for the next chapter of my life with Christ. He has helped me assess priorities, establish a meaningful schedule to accomplish those priorities, and chart my future goals. This accountability has been a spur for action. Bill helps me see how Christ is at work right now in my life and given me a view for the future.

As a coach, he is coming alongside me to help me mentor and grow other men in spiritual leadership. I often struggle with feeling inadequate for this next chapter in life but Bill constantly reminds me that I’m not alone in this endeavor and all things are possible with Christ. I appreciate how he challenges me that faith requires action and that my feet will never get wet until I step out of the boat.