Everyday Action Heroes

By Bill Mowry October 13, 2022

We need new heroes  — everyday leaders whose examples inspire us. These everyday leaders are like you and me. They don’t have a title, a large personality, or outstanding abilities. They’re everyday people with three simple qualities; qualities that everyday Christians can aspire to. Everyday leaders take initiative in the local — they’re emotionally invested in where they live, work, play, or worship. They take action to make the local better. These new heroes display Jesus, valuing character over competency. Finally, they give direction —…

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The New Heroes

By Bill Mowry September 29, 2022

4 Practices to Release Everyday Leaders Please indulge my imagination. I’m writing to imagine a new future . . . a future with new heroes — everyday leaders who take initiative, display Jesus, and provide direction. Heroes are the people we admire for their life example or good deeds. They’re the people we set on a pedestal, who we name our children after, the people we aspire to be like. In our church culture, and our broader culture, we’re championing a certain type of hero…

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From the Farm to the Church

By Bill Mowry September 8, 2022

3 Ways to Practice Organic Disciplemaking I love a thick, green lawn. For several years, I used off-the-shelf fertilizers and weed inhibiters to create the golf course look. Unfortunately, they didn’t give the results I wanted. So I hired a lawn care service . . . and then the pollinators happened. My wife Peggy is a Certified Master Gardener. This means she loves all plants and has received a certification to care, nourish, and grow about anything under the sun. I was pleased with my…

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Dog Discipleship

By Bill Mowry August 4, 2022

Let me introduce Ginger, our Treeing Walker Coon Hound. “Treeing” describes her life passion— treeing animals for hunting. “Walker” refers to the 18th century breeder and “coon hound” denotes a dog who tracks by smelling. Hello Ginger! Ginger is a rescue dog. We “adopted” her when she was a year old knowing that she had been abused by a previous owner. We fell in love with Ginger’s soulful eyes, her unique coloring, and watchful demeanor. Little did we anticipate the challenges she would present. An…

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Curiosity shouldn’t kill the cat! Discovering a second lost disciplemaking tool.

By Bill Mowry July 21, 2022

It’s easy to settle for safety and predictability in life and ministry. The older I get the more I long for life and ministry to be pre-programmed. There’s a safety and security in following evangelism scripts or step-by-step life success plans. Unfortunately, this conformity and predictability pushes out something important — curiosity. Adult life squeezes out curiosity. Gone are our childhood days when we could ask “Why?” over and over again. When has an employer commended you for gazing out the window in curious reflection?…

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A Lost Disciplemaking Tool

By Bill Mowry June 30, 2022

Masking tape was an important household expense when our children were growing up. Peggy and I watched in wonder as our boys created space guns and castles from masking tape, plastic liter bottles, and cardboard. Their imaginations had no limits on what they could create. What a fun time for us as parents! Reflecting back, I’ve been asking this question, “When was the last time we used our imaginations in ministry?” Let’s be honest. Most of us associate imagination with the play-acting of children. After…

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Helping Disciples Live a Life of Leisure

By Bill Mowry June 16, 2022

Who wouldn’t want to live a life of leisure these days? Our lives are so frantic that we long for those idle moments to step off the treadmill of life. Leisure is a break from activity to rest or re-charge our lives. Leisure originally meant something else and this “something else” is what disciples need. In forging the word leisure, the Greek and Romans designated it to mean a time free from the obligations of work to pursue knowledge and wisdom.P.M. Forni, The Thinking Life…

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Introverts Make Great Disciplemakers (Part 2)

By Bill Mowry June 2, 2022

Hooray for introverts! Discovering and naming my introverted side was a liberating moment for me. I now know my “sweet spot” preferences and can maximize them for the Great Commission. When I’m asked if introverted people can make disciples, I respond with a resounding “yes!” After all, I share the traits of introversion. Introversion describes a preference for how we process life; we’re energized by quiet and reflection. Extroverts process verbally; they’re energized by groups and conversation. Neither is more correct than the other; they’re…

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Introverts Make Great Disciplemakers (part 1)

By Bill Mowry May 19, 2022

One question kept coming up in interview after interview when promoting my book Walk with Me. What was the question? “I’m an introvert. Can I be a disciplemaker?” The first time I heard this question I thought to myself, “Is introversion a kind of disease? If so then I’ve had it for a long time!” I’m an introvert living in an extroverted world. In fact, probably 50% of the population are introverts. I think introverts feel they must be extroverts to disciple others. Susan Cain…

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Let’s Go Shopping

By Bill Mowry May 6, 2022

In the disciplemaking store I have a simple rule of thumb for home projects. Every project, no matter how big or small, requires 2.5 visits to a hardware store. I either forget something or the project takes an unexpected turn that requires a new tool, part, or piece of lumber. Big box hardware stores overflow with products for every home project. Did you know that there’s a disciplemaking store that we can go to for our disciplemaking needs? This store is located near every disciplemaker…

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