Life is like an Art Gallery: Picture #3 – Look at the crows

By Bill Mowry May 5, 2023

“We seldom rise above the quality of the pictures that hang in the galleries of our minds,” writes author Warren Wiersbe. Our minds are full of pictures that have shaped our lives. One picture that’s hanging in my mind’s gallery features CROWS. Here’s the crows’ background. I’ll be the first to admit it; sometimes I’m concerned about money. This doesn’t surprise Jesus since nearly one-fourth of his teaching is about money. Even we “faith” missionaries worry about finances.  Early in our staff experience our monthly…

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Life is Like an Art Gallery: Picture #2 – The Book

By Bill Mowry April 21, 2023

I had trouble sleeping. My mind was trying to untie a mental knot of anticipation, anxiety, and appreciation. Tomorrow, I would step down as Regional Leader and give my responsibilities to a new leader. As I lie thinking about this event, an image of a BOOK came to mind. What did this BOOK mean and why was it relevant to the next twenty-four hours? I loved my job as a Regional Leader. One friend called our staff team the “dream team.” This dream team had…

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Liturgy of the Ordinary

By Bill Mowry April 5, 2023

Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren Tish Harrison Warren is becoming one of my favorite authors. In Liturgy of the Ordinary, she weaves the spiritual disciplines into the daily routines of her life. Here are some examples:  Here are a couple of quotes to whet your appetite: “. . . following Augustine, [who] argues that to be alternative people is to be formed differently — to take up practices and habits that aim our love and desire toward God.” “It is in the…

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Life is like an Art Gallery – Picture #1: The superhero.

By Bill Mowry March 30, 2023

Deep learning is personal and transformational. Some of my deep learning moments with God have been through pictures that only my eyes could see. I’m writing to give you a peek at some of these private and personal images that fill the gallery of my mind. Author and pastor Warren Wiersbe compares our lives to art galleries and wisely observes: “No Christian rises higher than the beauty and quality of the pictures than hang in the gallery of his or her mind.” What picture dominated…

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Greening the Great Commission

By Bill Mowry March 15, 2023

The traffic was terrible. Peggy and I chose Savanah, Georgia for a brief vacation because it had a reputation as an easy-going Southern city with history to see and exotic food to eat. We hadn’t expected jammed streets, limited parking, and people wearing green t-shirts and drinking green beer. Welcome to Savannah on St. Patrick’s Day. It turns out that Savannah has one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the U.S. and we were stuck in its aftermath.  Most Protestants don’t think much…

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An Artful Touch to Disciplemaking

(Disciplemaking foundation #4)

By Bill Mowry March 3, 2023

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away . . . I was an art student. In fact, I was once certified to teach art in grades K-12. Why didn’t I pursue this career? A deciding factor was a grade on a watercolor painting. The painting was a collection of nondescript bottles gathered from my dorm room to quickly complete an end-of-the-semester assignment. The instructor picked up my haphazard approach and wrote on the back of the painting, “Trite and unimaginative. C-“ I…

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Three Disciplines of Moby Dick Disciplemaking

(Disciplemaking foundation #3)

By Bill Mowry February 15, 2023

Have you ever had a picture lodge in your mind that you can’t stop thinking about? No matter where you are or what you’re doing, this picture creeps into your consciousness. Here’s my latest re-occuring picture. In his book The Contemplative Pastor, author Eugene Peterson describes a scene from Moby Dick of a whaleboat dashing after its prey. You can feel the men straining at the oars to attack the behemoth. “In this boat, however, there is one man who does nothing. He doesn’t hold…

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Houses don’t appear out of nowhere… and neither do disciples.

(Disciplemaking foundation #2)

By Bill Mowry February 1, 2023

Houses don’t appear out of nowhere. There’s no magic wand that makes them materialize. Nearly a hundred years ago, you could order a home from a Sears catalogue, have it delivered to your site, and built in a few days. Today, you can buy modular homes that can be assembled within hours. However, no matter how fast the home can be built, there’s always a plan, a foundation, and deliberate action to make the house happen. A house may go up fast but the process…

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The Broken Record of Relationships

(Disciplemaking foundation #1)

By Bill Mowry January 20, 2023

I’m a vinyl record enthusiast. Nestled on my office bookshelf is a vintage stereo system. This isn’t a five-channel surround-sound extravaganza; it’s just two speakers, a turntable, and a splendid Yamaha 1970s receiver. I love the sound of vinyl but there is a downside. Sometimes a needle gets stuck on a scratch, playing the same note over-and-over again. That’s why when people repeat the same thing over-and-over, we refer to them as “a broken record.” My writing on relational disciplemaking can feel like a broken…

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There’s Always Room for a Singles’ Hitter

By Bill Mowry January 5, 2023

I can hear my wife Peggy saying, “Not another sports’ analogy!” Bear with me even if you’re tired of one more sports comparison to life and ministry.  Have you noticed that our compliments often include sports’ analogies? We evaluate a message or workshop by saying “That was a home run.” or “You hit it out of the park!” It would be embarrassing if someone said “You struck out!” Close to striking out is thinking that I only “hit a single.” Singles, in baseball and life,…

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