Rev. Eric Waters

Sr. Pastor, St. John Lutheran Church

I’m excited about what God is doing through our partnership with Bill and The Navigators to build a disciplemaking church. We started small with a Discipleship Leadership Team, whom I led through The Ways of the Alongsider. Last September, each person on that team applied what they learned from the Alongsider by leading a discipleship triad (a group of three people) through The Navigators 2:7 discipleship series. There is now nearly thirty people in micro-disciplemaking groups. We’re finishing with the 2:7 series this fall and then many of the current triad members will launch disciplemaking triads of their own, thus doubling people in the disciplemaking process. Multiplication is happening! I’ve preached a 10-week series on our picture of a disciple. While I’ve preached on disciplemaking from the pulpit, behind the scenes, the Discipleship Leadership Team is building the life of a disciple into people’s lives. We’re excited about the changed lives that God is producing through our investment in disciplemaking.