Sheriff Russ Martin
Delaware County Sheriff, Executive Director PLI Global

Despite being a senior law enforcement executive, I knew I wanted to stay focused and finish strong in both my personal and professional life. Bill coached me through the process of determining my personal vision statement and priorities. As a result of our time together, and Bill’s mentorship, I’ve gained a richer insight into how…

Rev. Eric Waters
Sr. Pastor, St. John Lutheran Church

I’m excited about what God is doing through our partnership with Bill and The Navigators to build a disciplemaking church. We started small with a Discipleship Leadership Team, whom I led through The Ways of the Alongsider. Last September, each person on that team applied what they learned from the Alongsider by leading a discipleship…

Aimee Worley
Connections Director

The Navigators did something different in their disciplemaking training. They led us back to our neighborhoods! Our church family has always had a heart for serving in our neighborhood but it was often limited to a one time, do good event. Now, since we’re making strides to build a disciplemaking culture, our outreach and service looks different….

Geoff Geyer
Pastor, Zanesville Neighborhood Church

In 2015 we started Zanesville Neighborhood Church with a group of people who were passionate about living on mission with God and making disciples. While our church, like many others, knew what God was asking us to do, we needed help on how to do it. Bill’s coaching on the how of disciple-making has been timely and critical for our church…

Fred Blackman
Business Owner and Church Leader

As an elder in my church and small business owner trying to manage a multitude of challenges, I prayerfully enlisted Bill’s help to coach me through the changes and challenges that I face as a leader. Bill has helped me not only with the day-to-day challenges of staying connected to Christ in a busy schedule…

Bryce Kurfees
Financial Planner

I love Bill’s statement that “most of disciplemaking is sticking with people until they get it.”  Bill lives the ways of an alongsider, sticking with people like me, applying the love described in 1 Corinthians 13.  Many of us in the Christian life have never experienced an alongsider in our lives. Sometimes we’ve been hurt…

Lisa Harrison
Elementary Reading Specialist and Woman’s Leader

I so enjoy using The Ways of the Alongsider. It encourages disciplemaking to be a natural part of life where we come alongside people, helping them move closer to Christ. God has used the book to build confidence in women’s lives, that they too can disciple others. In using this book with women, we found…