Beware the con game!

By Bill Mowry September 15, 2016

None of us likes to be conned. There’s nothing more irritating than realizing that a salesperson tricked us into a purchase. Deception leaves an empty feeling in our hearts. How does this happen in disciple-making? We can trick ourselves into thinking that life change has happened because we’ve learned something new. It’s easy to scurry from one Bible study to another, priding ourselves on the new information we’ve collected. Along the way, no one pressed us to reflect and obey. The New Testament writer James…

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Simplicity Rules the Day

By Bill Mowry August 28, 2016

My first Mac was love at first sight. I enjoyed its elegant but slightly clunky look. Here was a computer that didn’t need multiple commands to create a document or make an illustration. All I had to do was point and click. Simplicity ruled the day. Simplicity was a governing principle for Steve Jobs in creating the Apple brand. The author of his popular biography writes: “He made devices simpler by eliminating buttons, software simpler by eliminating features and interfaces simpler by eliminating options.” When…

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