It’s not about exercise. It’s about disciplemaking.

Christians in North America are discovering the beautiful simplicity of Jesus’ method of disciplemaking. We’re longing for something simple because we’re growing tired of over-stated promises of curriculums and programs. We want a disciplemaking process that is relational, simple, and do-able — something that everyday Christians can do as people walk through life together. 

Im thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my book Walk with Me: Simple Principles for Everyday Disciplemaking by Moody Publishers. Here’s an endorsement from Doug Nuenke, US President of The Navigators:

Bill writes with winsome clarity about a subject that is near to the heart of God. No other topic reflects more fully the life and purposes of Jesusthan His focus on helping everyday people walk with God and reflect His character. Bill makes disciplemaking doable for all of us, people in busy lives and in a culture that tries to pull us away from meaning and relationship.

Jesus’ style of disciplemaking can be as simple as inviting people to walk with me as I walk with Him — living and practicing a disciplemaking lifestyle that is a walk between friends. This walk lives out some simple principles that makes this ministry accessible to anyone who loves God and desires to help others follow Jesus. 

Disciplemaking should not be reserved for ministry professionals or a select spiritual few. Disciplemaking should be practiced by everyday believers in the everyday routines where we live, work, or play.

Walk with Me explores topics seldom found in most disciplemaking books. Here’s a taste of the five principles that gives direction to walking together with Jesus.

  • We walk Heart-to-heart. Disciplemaking flows from our heart for God and others.
  • We walk Simple. Simplicity brings a clarity that starts small, selects wisely, and stays focused.
  • We walk Slow. Walking is a slow change process with the Holy Spirit.
  • We walk Deep. We walk in ways that build depth in people’s lives.
  • We walk on Mission. We walk on Jesus’ mission to love our neighbors and start gospel conversations.

Whether youre a church leader looking to build a disciplemaking culture or a beginner ready to get in the game of the Great Commission, Walk with Me is for you. 

Im praying that this small book will motivate and practically equip many believers to become what Jesus called laborers” (Matthew 9:36-38) — men and women released to the harvest fields of where they live, work, or play to make disciples. I want to encourage a disciplemaking lifestyle that is heart-to-heart, simple, slow, deep, and on mission.

Moody Publishing is inviting you at join our Launch Team Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/walkwithmelaunch. The first thirty people to join will receive a free copy of the book! Take a minute to join and invite a friend!

 The official release date is March 3. You can preview the book on Amazon through this link: https://amzn.to/3cG5OvF                                  .

Will you help me increase the number of disciplemakers for the harvest? If you’re led, please pass on the vision and practical how-tos of this book by doing the following.

  1. Share the book on social media. Feel free to forward the link to our Launch Team.
  2. Post a review. Even a few sentences will help spread the word. We recommend starting at the following sites: amazon.com / barnesandnoble.com / christianbook.com

Disciplemaking starts when we intentionally invite people to walk with us in the way of Jesus. What a beautiful and simple approach to helping people become His disciples.

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