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Stewards of Eden

Stewards of Eden: What scripture says about the environment and why it matters  by Sandra L. Richter

Richter’s book will turn the most conservative among us into “tree-huggers.” Like most conservative evangelicals, the environment hasn’t been on my radar. I’ve associated the environmental movement with restrictive policies on the advance of business and development. Richter, along with the author Wendell Berry, has challenged my assumptions by asking me to look at creation through the lens of the Creator.

Richter returns us to the garden when she writes:

“Whereas the ongoing flourishing of the created order is dependent on the sovereignty of the Creator, it is the privilege and responsibility of the Creator’s stewards (that would be us) to facilitate this ideal plan by ruling in his stead.” 

As an image-bearer I have a responsibility to work out God’s purposes not only for the culture of man but for the created order (nature). Our job is to direct and harness “the amazing resources of this planet under the wise direction of their Creator.” As Wendell Berry writes, we have a “given” life that should nourish creation so that it flourishes rather than abusing and ravishing it for our own ends or for corporate profit.

From the sabbath years to the creation of every species to the care of animals, Richter takes us on a biblical tour that teaches us about our God-given heritage to develop — rather than use up — God’s creation.

Enjoy the read. You might end up becoming a tree-hugger like myself.

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