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Welcome to the alongsider world. I’m Bill Mowry, the author of The Ways of the Alongsider (Tyndale/NavPress) and Walk with Me (Moody Publishing). I live in Columbus, Oh with my wife Peggy and our dog Ginger. We minister with The Navigators Church Ministries, helping churches around the world multiply disciples through disciplemaking cultures. 

My passion is to move disciplemaking form the work of the ministry professional to the everyday believer; from the ministry margins to a church’s mainstream. Check out the stories and resources about disciplemaking. Sign up for my free blog Alongsider Briefings. Contact me about coaching and training. It’s my prayer that many everyday believers will experience the joy and privilege of helping others follow Jesus.

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Dog Discipleship

Let me introduce Ginger, our Treeing Walker Coon Hound. “Treeing” describes her life passion— treeing animals for hunting. “Walker” refers to the 18th century breeder and “coon hound” denotes a dog who tracks by smelling. Hello Ginger! Ginger is a rescue dog. We “adopted” her when she was a year old knowing that she had…


Curiosity shouldn’t kill the cat! Discovering a second lost disciplemaking tool.

It’s easy to settle for safety and predictability in life and ministry. The older I get the more I long for life and ministry to be pre-programmed. There’s a safety and security in following evangelism scripts or step-by-step life success plans. Unfortunately, this conformity and predictability pushes out something important — curiosity. Adult life squeezes…


A Lost Disciplemaking Tool

Masking tape was an important household expense when our children were growing up. Peggy and I watched in wonder as our boys created space guns and castles from masking tape, plastic liter bottles, and cardboard. Their imaginations had no limits on what they could create. What a fun time for us as parents! Reflecting back,…

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Walk with Me

Disciplemaking should not be reserved for ministry professionals or a select spiritual few. It should be practiced by everyday believers in the everyday routines where we live, work, or play. Whether you’re a church leader looking to build a disciplemaking culture or a beginner ready to get in the game of the Great Commission, Walk with Me is for you.