Stephen Gambill

Lead Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church of Nashville

I came to know Bill and his books at a difficult and crucial time in the life of our church. The Lord brought him into my life when I was in a bit of personal ministerial crisis as well as looking for direction in creating a discipleship culture.

Bill and I connected at two levels. He was my personal life-coach and the trainer/coach for our church in building a disciplemaking culture.

Not only was Bill a careful listener and faithful question-asker, but he also became a friend.  I’ve greatly benefited from The Ways of the Alongsider. It’s become foundational in our disciplemaking ministry.  His book Making Friends for Heaven’s Sake is a valuable resource for evangelism training.

As a coach, I always felt that Bill was looking to discern how God was leading me (and our church) as opposed to having his own agenda.

I would commend both Bill as a Christian man and his books to those who are looking for direction and encouragement in leadership and disciplemaking.